U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
This is the official U.S. government website for immigration services and it contains the latest forms, filing fees, instructions and updates in immigration laws. The agency is increasingly conducting its business online. There are now many features available on the USCIS website to help you. Below are some of the most commonly used online links from the USCIS website.

USCIS Home Page – The USCIS website is packed full of useful information, forms and instructions. The USCIS was previously known as the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS).

In order to visit any USCIS office, you are now required to make an appointment online through the USCIS website  InfoPass service.

              CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)
              AAO (Administrative Appeals Office)
Citizenship Test
Naturalization Self Test Study Materials – our Citizenship Test Resource page has links to many useful resources on the USCIS website including the questions used for the Citizenship Test. You can test your knowledge online for free using the interactive self-test provided by the USCIS.

  • USCIS Case Status
        USCIS Case Status Online   
  • Immigration Doctors
        Immigration Physicians – Locates an Immigration designated physician in your area for the green card physical (USCIS Civil Surgeons Locator).

  • Forms and Filing Fees
         Latest Forms and Filing Fees – all forms are downloadable for free. Never pay for a USCIS form. Always download the forms from the USCIS website. This way you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date form as well as the current filing fee. If you download the forms from other sites there is the possibility that these sites may not have the latest versions of the USCIS forms. In some circumstances, use of older forms or sending in the wrong filing fee may result in your application or petition being denied or delayed.